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About Massage

We instinctively reach to rub an area that hurts because we know it makes it feel better. This practice of rubbing the body for these therapeutic benefits can be traced back to ancient China and beyond. Records also show its popularity in Ancient Greece and Rome too with Hippocrates being cited as a strong believer in the benefits of massage to the patient.

There are many modern day pioneers who have developed different styles of massage and each has its own unique qualities as well as the  general benefits listed below.

In recent years as we gain a wider and more in depth knowledge of neuroanatomy, we can begin to explain the science behind the empirical knowledge we already have about massage therapy. As an example of how science helps explain the benefits of massage we can look at the work of Melzack and Wall, a psychologist and physician who in 1962 put forward the Gate Control Theory of Pain.

  • Therapeutic Benefits Include
  • – helps relieve stress and encourages relaxation
  • – improves blood and lymph circulation
  • – relaxes tight muscles, reduces muscle strain and fatigue
  • – slows heart rate, breathing and reduces raised blood pressure
  • – improved joint flexibility and range of movement
  • – reduces pain and discomfort
  • – positive effect on depression and anxiety


Aromatherapy Massage

iStock_000001681691XSmallAromatherapy combines both the physical and emotional effects of gentle massage with the medical and psychotherapeutic properties of essential oils.  It alleviates stress and helps to improve our moods. Aromatherapy is known to stimulate the immune system, strengthen the resistance to disease and help to combat infections.

Each essential oil has its own unique therapeutic benefit and your aromatherapist will work out a blend of oils to suit you. It is a wonderfully relaxing treatment, you will feel the cares of the day slip away as you drift into a de-stressing world of aroma.

Price: 1 hour = £45


Baby Massage                                                                 iStock_000002026185XSmall

We provide short sessions of massage for your baby and encourage you to learn the techniques so that you can use them at home. Massaging your baby develops a strong bond between you and is de stressing for you both.

Your practitioner will show you techniques that can be used to reduce colic and generally make your baby feel relaxed and relieve any discomfort.

Some of the benefits of massaging your baby include: – encourages more restful sleep, reduces crying and helps relieve colic, provides sensory stimulation, boosts the immune system, improves circulation, aids digestion and can help reduce colic.

Price: 30 mins = £27

Deep Tissue Massage                          


 This style of massage uses deep, slow pressured strokes, with oil,  to release chronic muscular tension and works on the deeper layers of muscles and fascia in the body. Sometimes friction is used to help break down specific trouble areas.

The main aims of deep tissue massage are: to loosen and relax tight muscles thereby releasing any toxins, to improve blood and oxygen flow so increasing the removal of toxins, to break down scar tissue and ‘knots’ within the muscle and to improve condition of muscular system in general.

You may feel a little sore or tired during or after a deep tissue massage but within 24-48 hours you will feel totally rejuvenated. The practitioner will be guided by you and will alter the pressure accordingly.

It is advisable to avoid coffee and to drink plenty of water to help flush any toxins released from your body, so speeding the recovery process.

Prices: 30 mins = £30, 1 Hour = £50

Holistic Massage                                                               


 From the Greek word ‘Holos’ meaning ‘whole’ this style of massage is a wonderfully relaxing treatment with the aim of rebalancing the whole body and mind.

Using soothing massage strokes with oil, allows the therapist to work gently but effectively over your body, allowing you to relax and let the strains of the day ease away. You will be encouraged to relax further with the use of calming music to cocoon you in a blissful world.

A case history will be taken and relevant aftercare advice given.

Price: 1 hour = £45


Hot Stone Massage                           


The practitioner will sanitise the stones and heats them in water to a therapeutic temperature prior to your arrival. Generally smooth basalt lava stones are used as they absorb and retain the heat well.

Your treatment begins with gentle massage strokes using the hands. Soon hot stones are used to work over the muscles, bringing heat and encouraging relaxation. As each stone cools, the practitioner will replace it with another hot stone, letting the heat penetrate, alleviating discomfort and tension.

Using stones of different sizes allows the practitioner to work deep into the tissues with pinpoint accuracy and allows a more constant pressure.

In cases where there is inflammation, cool stones can be used to aid with the healing process and soothe the area.

It is important that you give feedback to the practitioner if the stones are too hot/ cold or if the pressure is too much for you. All aspects can be modified to suit your preference.

Prices: 1 hour = £50, 90 mins = £70

Indian Head Massage                                               


Indian Head Massage or Champissage has been an important aspect of family life in India for 1000’s of years. Handed down through the generations, it has its roots steeped in Ayurvedic medicine.

It is thought of as a great way to nourish the scalp and hair, often using oils in Asia, as well as providing therapeutic relief. In the 1970’s this style of massage was brought to the UK by Narendra Mehta who extended the massage to include the neck, shoulders and face.

Performed through clothing and seated in a chair, you can relax as the practitioner works their magic over you and you feel the stresses of the week drain away, leaving you refreshed and revitalised. It is the ideal treatment for people suffering from tight shoulders, an aching neck, tension headache, insomnia, eye-strain or poor concentration.

Price: 45 mins = £35

Pregnancy Massage                                                         


With many of our therapists also having trained in osteopathic medicine, you cannot be in better hands when having a massage during pregnancy. Your comfort is assured as the massage is specially designed with you in mind.

A woman’s changing shape and centre of gravity in pregnancy can cause all kinds of aches and pains as the body works hard to compensate and adapt. Joints become looser and less stable towards the end of pregnancy in preparation for the birth itself and this can also cause discomfort.

With a special, mild blend of aromatic oil (grapefruit and mandarin in a base oil) formulated by one of our aromatherapists for pregnant women, this relaxing massage will also help lessen stretchmarks.

Price: 1 hour = £45


Sports Massage including Injury Rehab                            


This style of massage is ideally suited to any sports person. Whether you take part for your own enjoyment or take your sport to its competitive conclusion, you will benefit from making sports massage part of your routine. It can be used before, during or after competition.

The rigours of training can cause imbalances especially in the soft tissues, ignored they become chronic problems and can actually hinder your performance and lead to injuries.

Ancient Japanese warriors used strong massage to rid their muscles of the memory of injury and battle so that they could perform to their best and not be restricted, sports massage is the modern day equivalent.

As well as working with the sportsperson to ensure there body is in optimal health, this style of massage also improves flexibility, reduces inflammation, stimulates circulation thereby improving recovery and can help prevent injury.

Advice on exercises and stretches will be given as well as suggestions to modify training if required so that you can continue to train and let your injury recover.

Price: 1 hour = £50


Swedish Massage                                                          


This form of massage was developed by a Swedish physiologist, Henri Peter Ling in 1812.

Swedish massage incorporates many techniques with the aims of reducing muscular tension, improving circulation so increasing oxygen levels and the release of toxins from the muscles which speeds recovery.

Not only does it feel good, Swedish massage relaxes the muscles and invigorates you at the same time. Generally sweet almond oil is used throughout.

The therapist will be guided by you as to the pressure you want as it can be applied lightly or more firmly. However if you want very deep work it is suggested you book for a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage.

Price: 1 hour = £45

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