Facial Rejuvenation

Mature beautyFacial Rejuvenation is really a new therapy, which has been pioneered by Kundan and Narendra Mehta.  They both developed this form of Holistic therapy through their experience of massage, Bowen Technique and Reiki.  Facial Rejuvenation is very effective both on a physical and psychological level.  The main techniques of Facial Rejuvenation come from Ayurveda, the Indian ancient healing system.

How it works

Most of us live and work in stressful environments and unfortunately this is often reflected in the face.  Hectic thoughts and those pent up emotions result in the muscles of the face, neck, shoulders and head to tighten and constrict.  The results are achieved through using repetitive finger movement paying particular attention to wrinkles, whilst treating the underlying facial muscles.  The end result is the smoothing of lines, bringing elasticity to the skin tone.  Facial rejuvenation also works on the structure of the skin, to ease any restrictions and to lift up the face.  The treatment helps to release the tissues, gently allowing the connective tissue to regain its freedom and elasticity.


Facial Rejuvenation reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, increases muscle tone and elasticity and gives the face a Natural Lift.  This therapy is accumulative in so far as it is more effective over a period of time.  It is a non-invasive treatment, which is gentle and promotes a younger looking appearance.

Price: 1 hour £45 

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