iStock_000007865518XSmallWorking mainly on the feet, although treatment can be given on the hands, the therapist works systematically over the whole area, applying mild pressure with their thumbs and fingers while monitoring your reactions. You will be encouraged to relay information throughout the session, which will last 45 mins in total.

On your first visit, an extra fifteen minutes will be scheduled during which time a medical history will be taken. On subsequent visits, time will be allocated at the start of each session to review and give feedback regarding the previous treatment. A record of this information will be kept and will remain strictly confidential between the therapist and yourself.

If you suffer from any serious medical condition or are taking any medication, it is preferable to inform your doctor before starting treatment. It is also important to inform the therapist of any acute or chronic conditions when booking your appointment.

During treatment, it is possible you may experience any of the following:

Dry mouth, feeling light headed, sensations in the body relating to the areas worked by the therapist on the foot, sweaty hands/ feet, changes in mood, sleepiness, etc.

There is no need to be alarmed. These are normal reactions and short lived.

As well as feeling wonderfully relaxed and de-stressed it is possible you may experience any of the following after having a reflexology session:

Tiredness, hyperactivity, having slight cold, old injuries may ache, mild headache, sweating or slight temperature, more frequent visits to the toilet, etc.

Please do not worry the symptoms will soon pass. It is a good sign to have a reaction to treatment as it can indicate you are responding.

Price: 1 hour: £45

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