Top To Toe Special


facial massage‘The whole is more than the sum of its parts’ – Aristotle

This special treatment was developed by Pauline Dickson 10 years ago by combining some very effective therapies. It is given through clothing so there is no need to undress. No oil is used with the treatment.

Starting in a seated position you have your back, neck, shoulders and upper arms massaged using a variety of techniques. This allows you to start the relaxation process and rids the body of the day to day strains of modern life. Moving on to work on your head, attention is paid to the areas of tension, so relaxing the tissues and allowing any stress to drain away.

At this point you will be asked to move to the couch where you  lie on your back and get the opportunity to sink deeper into relaxation.

The practitioner begins by working on your feet, giving a reflexology treatment which affects the whole body. They will pay particular attention to encouraging circulation and working with the zone therapy principles, will clear any areas of congestion enabling the body to rebalance.

After washing their hands, the practitioner will return to working on your face, head and neck. A wide range of techniques are used including acupressure, percussion and lymphatic drainage to  ease and soothe these areas.

The session is drawn to a close with some traction techniques to release any remaining tension. Stretches for the neck allow you to reorientate yourself from the deep relaxation you have enjoyed.

Price: 1 hour - £55


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