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GearsNever has it been more important to have all parts of the corporate machine working well together than now. In this time of economic recession, businesses are looking for maximum productivity from a reduced workforce. Often when an employee leaves, they are not replaced and the rest of the staff have to take up the slack. When inevitably people have unexpected leave through sickness or stress, it piles on even more pressure.

Staff morale can suffer and the stresses of more responsibility combined with the  restrictions in budgets keeping wage rises to a minimum, all contribute to make some staff feel undervalued and demotivated. It is easy to see how this situation can begin to spiral and more days are lost through illness and stress causing a negative ripple through the entire workforce.

So how can Pivotal Health Solutions help your company? We can be the oil in your corporate machine helping to keep everything running smoothly, preventing friction, reducing wear and tear and easing  the pressure areas. We would welcome the opportunity to come it to your premises to meet you and discuss the matter more fully.

At a time when budgets need to be used creatively and made to spread further, Pivotal Health Solutions can offer services which can often be offset against tax (please see link for details).

Not only does this mean your business can benefit from bespoke services,  they do not eat into your companies finances and your staff will feel valued as you are investing in their health and wellbeing.

Some of the services Pivotal offer include –

  • Prevention and awareness training for many musculo-skeletal conditions, including Repetitive Strain Injury run by registered osteopaths
  • Return to Work Assessments – helping employees cope with their symptoms and empowering them to be back in work as soon as possible.
  • Stress Management techniques taught through workshops and training courses by NLP and business coaches.
  • Team Building skills incorporated into various courses and events.
  • Time Management Strategies illustrated through workshops teaching skills to reduce stress and increase productivity.
  • Specialised Management Training working on assertiveness, verbal and non-verbal communication and generally being able to get the best out of people.
  • Pivotal can also provide complementary healthcare packages either at your company premises or in one of our designated clinics.


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Work-related Stress

stressed man with booksFigures from the Health & Safety Executive estimated in 2007/8 that there were 442 000 people working in Britain who believed they had experienced work-related stress at a level to negatively affect their health. This translated into 13.5 million lost working days due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety, in that one year alone as estimated by the Labour Force Survey.

Pauline Dickson

Pauline Dickson, the founder of Pivotal Health Solutions, worked extensively in the business world in the fields of sales, marketing and management until moving into complementary medicine. She saw first hand the direct effects to business from loss of man hours through sickness and stress related problems. With this in mind, Pivotal have created a number of services to assist your staff in managing their stress and becoming more productive as a result.