Repetitive Strain Injury Prevention and Management

iStock_000002609267XSmallIn 2006, nearly half a million people in the UK were affected by repetitive strain injuries (RSI’s).  RSI is a general term which is more descriptive of how the injury happened than what the injury actually is. Essentially, the strain is caused by excessive use of a particular area and can affect many different tissues depending on the activities you do.

Many activities cause repetitive stain injuries from prolonged, intensive use of pc keyboards in the workplace and the home, to playing musical instruments. Manual workers using tools, sports people and those who relax by playing computer games all find themselves at risk of RSI’s if they do not manage the situation well.

Pivotal Health Solutions provide in house training by Registered Osteopaths throughout London and North Surrey to educate your workforce how to avoid RSI’s in the first place and empower them to manage the injury should it occur. As professional therapists our osteopaths are well equipped to recognise potential risks for RSI and modify the training session to meet the individual needs of your company and its workforce.

These sessions can be for a series of individual employees on a one-to-one basis (minimum number 4) or for a group training together.

Price depending on number of participants and location of business.

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Work-related Stress

stressed man with booksFigures from the Health & Safety Executive estimated in 2007/8 that there were 442 000 people working in Britain who believed they had experienced work-related stress at a level to negatively affect their health. This translated into 13.5 million lost working days due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety, in that one year alone as estimated by the Labour Force Survey.

Pauline Dickson

Pauline Dickson, the founder of Pivotal Health Solutions, worked extensively in the business world in the fields of sales, marketing and management until moving into complementary medicine. She saw first hand the direct effects to business from loss of man hours through sickness and stress related problems. With this in mind, Pivotal have created a number of services to assist your staff in managing their stress and becoming more productive as a result.