Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Nearly everyone can go into a hypnotic trance, if they choose to let themselves and if they can concentrate on the hypnotist’s directions.


Could I be too strong willed or intelligent to be hypnotised?

The more intelligent you are the more likely you are to have a great imagination which will really help when following the hypnotists directions. Strength of will does not really play that strong a part in going into hypnotic trance.


Can I be forced into a hypnotic trance?

No you cannot. Your full co-operation is required to access this altered state of hypnotic trance. If you are not comfortable in every way, you will simply not allow yourself to go into trance.


Will I be under the power of the  hypnotist? Could I be made to do things I don’t want to?

You cannot be forced to do anything against your will while under hypnosis. You can still choose not to do something that is being suggested, if anything people are more assertive while under hypnosis.


Is it possible to be stuck in a hypnotic trance?

While some people take longer to come out of trance than others, it does not happen that people get stuck in a hypnotic trance. Generally, if someone is in a deep trance they will fall into an ordinary sleep and they will waken feeling refreshed.


Will I start telling my secrets in trance?

Most definelty not. Hypnosis has no power like that, people can stil lie when under trance.


How does being in a hypnotic trance feel?

Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state of mind to be in. People are often surprised that they can still hear sounds and are aware of what is happening aroung them.


What makes hypnotherapy different than other talking therapies?

Hypnotherapy is concerned mainly with the subconscious and is particularly good for dealing with changing habits and behaviours regulated by the subconscious. The best analogy to explain how hypnotherapy works as opposed to psychology is: hypnotherapists are trained to improve the software, psychologists deal mainly with the hardware.

A trained hypnotherapist will know when to refer to another professional and you can be assured that at Pivotal our hypnotherapists are fully trained and will make you aware if they are unable to help at the initial free session and will refer accordingly.


Behavioural Change

At Pivotal we specialise in helping people break old habits and change behaviours that are holding them back, for positive new ones which will help free them to move forward and achieve their goals.

Using a blend of techniques including Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, meridian based therapy and life coaching, our practitioners will work with you helping you achieve your goals. The skills you will learn to cope with these changes will be useful in the future and can be used to help you face any of life's challenges.

Some of the areas we can help with include:-

  • Weight Loss & Management
  • Stop Smoking Now
  • No More Exam Nerves
  • Overcome Fears & Phobias
  • Stress Management
  • Boost Your Self Esteem
  • Becoming the Confident You
  • Control the Panic

It is not possible to list all the areas we deal with here. If you want to discuss a difficulty you are having and find out whether it is something we can help you work on, call us today on 07824 828510 or Contact Us

Even if we are unable to help, we will know someone who can.