Testing and Referrals



During our extensive study, osteopaths are trained in clinical skills, allowing us to evaluate all the sytems in the body and identify potential problems. In most cases, we have the tools in our kit bags to carry out any relevant testing.

logoembedUsing many of the diagnostic procedures from conventional medical assessment, osteopaths screen the different body systems.


Osteopaths are fully equipped and trained to –

  • Assess and diagnose musculo-skeletal problems including carrying out orthopaedic testing as required.
  • Assess the cardiovascular and circulatory system by taking blood pressure, listening to the heart and major blood vessels, monitoring pulses, etc
  • Assess the respiratory system including listening to the lungs and airways
  • Assess the neurological system by carrying out cranial nerve testing, opthalmoscopy, reflex testing and various other recognised tests
  • All other body systems will also be assessed using medical screening during the case history  and by using various other methods including palpation.


Should testing identify an area for concern, your osteopath will refer you to your GP and provide a written letter to take with you.

It will always be at your GP’s discretion which tests or investigations they consider necessary.

With your permission your osteopath will work with your GP to ensure you get the best health care service possible.


Going Private


At Pivotal Health Solutions we pride ourselves in having established an extensive network of private medical specialists to whom we can refer for a variety of  medical screening procedures. We have chosen to work with the people who not only provide the best service but also offer great value for money too.

In today’s world, more people are taking out private health insurance. Should you already have that in place, or should you wish to pay privately, your osteopath can refer you. This often dramatically cuts down the waiting time for an appointment.

As part of our commitment to our patients, if we do not already have a specialist in the area you require, we will endeavour to find you the best specialist using our established network.


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General Osteopathic CouncilOur osteopaths are fully registered and adhere to the code of conduct and ethics as set out by GOsC, the governing body.